Yuzen paper

Japanese paper with screenprint, stencilprint and laqcuered. Sheets have different textures and weights. Some prints are on handmade Kozo Paper

The groundcolor of the paper is creamy white.

Pictures show an A4 cutout (21x29,7cm), which is a bit smaller than our smallest size (24x31cm)

Chiyogami screenprinted papers

From traditional to mordern patterns, most of the designs reflect woodblock prints from the Edo period. Every color is printed seperately by hand. The paper is sometimes handmade from mulberry.

The weights range between 60 and 80 gsm.

Lacquered Yuzen papers mimic traditional carved two-colour lacquer ware. Silkscreen printed by hand the heavy-wearing surface makes it ideal for covering books, boxes or portfolios.

The weight is 140gsm.

"Katazome-shi" literally means stencil-dyedpapers. Developed during the 20th century in Kyoto, based on traditional kimono printing techniques, Katazome-shi is still made there today. These richly coloured papers are printed by hand, one colour at a time, using persimmon-dyed kozo as the stencils, and aided by paste and "Kojiro" (soy bean juice), the pigments absorb deeply into the paper to produce long-lasting colour.

The weight is 70gsm.

Handmade paper

Some of our Chiyogami papers are printed on handmade paper. Find them here.