Useful Information

About paper sizes

The paper arrives at ollilypaperware in whole sheets and we cut them for you, when we recieve your order.

The whole sheets of Japanese and Korean paper are approximately 96 x 62 cm. We cut them into half sheets (62 x 48 cm), quarter sheets (48 x 31 cm) and eighths of a sheet (31 x 24 cm). The sizes may vary, because those papers are handmade and/or handprinted in different small workshops!

The whole sheets of Nepalese and Indian paper are approximately 72 x 48 cm. We cut them into half sheets (48 x 36 cm) and quarter sheets (36 x 24 cm). The sizes may vary, because those papers are handmade and handprinted in different small workshops!

The wholes sheets of Italian Paper that we get are approximately 70 x 50 cm. We cut them into half sheets (50 x 35 cm) and quarter sheets (35 x 25 cm).

About paper weights

Most of our papers are handmade and/or handprinted, therfore its difficult to give exact weights.

Yuzen/Chiyogami: ca. 70 g/m2

Katazome: ca. 60-65 g/m2

Lacquered Yuzen: ca. 135-140 g/m2

Satogami: ca. 80 g/m2

Kozo paper plain: ca. 45 g/m2

Cotton paper: ca. 130-170 g/m2

Lokta: ca. 62-80 g/m2

Hanji (plain and printed): ca. 25-32 g/m2

Hanji thin: ca. 25 g/m2

Tissue paper: ca. 12-17 g/m2

Cambridge Imprint ca. 80 g/m2

Carta Varese: ca. 100 g/m2

About Origami sets

As well as the fraction sizes of our paper sheets, we also cut the Ollilypaperware Origami squares ourself. You might not find those mixes of paper anywhere else. On the other hand we can not guarantee that they are totally exact. But we never had any complaints ;)

Please contact us about custom cutting or custom sets!

About shipping

We offer an affordable and safe way to ship your sheets of paper. They will be rolled in a long box. If you order only one or two sheets, we will add an extra layer of support with a stronger paper.

For international shipping (outside Germany) we use a special letter format. That keeps the paperboxes away from heavy packages, that could crush them. We need on to two working days to cut your paper. Once they are out, it will take them 5 to 25 days to arrive, depending on where you live. (see our Information on delivery times)

Please note that, depending on the country you live in, you might have to pay custom fees and import vat. We will provide the correct information on the package, so the process should go smoothly.

However, if you order whole sheets of japanese or korean paper, your order will be sent with DHL and tracking!

About custom orders

If you are looking for a special paper or print, please contact us. If you can wait, we might be able to help you