ollilypaperware is taking a break from 14th of May to 18th of June. All orders in that time will be sent in the week after the 18th of June. Big discounts for all orders during that time!

Delivery Times and Prices

You all want to know how long it will take for your paper to arrive.

I need one working day to pack your order, Two working days if there is a lot of cutting to do (origami sets, small sheets)

I had to update shipping costs. DHL changed the size requirements for the postal product I used to send paper internationally. Therfor shipping is more expensive but also faster and has better tracking.

Please note that, depending on the country you live in, you might have to pay custom fees and import vat. We will provide the correct information on the package, so the process should go smoothly.

Here is a list with delivery times in working days (weekdays without saturday and sunday):

UK Customers please use our etsy shop or make an order over 190€.

Letter: stationery, small sizes of paper

DHL/UPS: medium to larger sizes of paper

 Letter DHL/UPS
Germany 3 days 2,50 €/5,00€ 4 days 5,00 €
Europe (EU) 8 to 10 days 9,75 € 4 to 6 days 12,00 €


10 to 12 days 9,75 € 4 to 6 days 12,00 €
Islands (EU) 12 to 14 days 9,75 € 10 to 12 days 12,00 €


10 to 14 days 15,00 € 10 to 14 days 29,00 €
Rest of World 22 to 30 days 35€ to 80€ 16 to 20 days 35€ to 80€


Free Shipping:
Within Germany: from 45€

Within the EU: from 65€

Within the rest of Europe: from 75€